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Post by Parantheon on Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:35 pm

//It is the thought/ that matters most/ the gift is not/ what makes the boast/ that I love you/ I care/ what I could do/ to buy the rare/ exquisite item/ you want so bad/ I can't afford them/ but don't be sad/ You still have me/ that's all that matters/ which you can see/ as our love scatters/ to the sky/ for what we have together/ may go and fly/ but will stay with us forever//

This poem came to me out of nowhere. I started typing out the beginning, but then I lost myself. It was like my fingers were doing the talking. I had no idea what I had typed until it was over. Thank you for looking at this poem, and you're a member on this site, please comment on it. If you're a guest who is reading this poem and you like it, I strongly suggest becoming a member, and then telling me what you think of it. Thank you for your time...

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